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Custom Wedding Shoes -- How to Get the Perfect Fit

It isn't uncommon (or particularly surprising) that many of our brides seeking a pair of custom wedding shoes are concerned about the fit.  As custom wedding products, often handmade exactly to the brides specifications, it remains a challenge for us as designers to create a pair of dream wedding shoes only to find that the bride's heel slips in the back.  Returns and exchanges are tricky for both parties--brides have fittings and drop-dead dates by which they need the shoes, and, for Ellie Wren, sometimes the designs are so unique, resale isn't possible (as fun and creative as they are, how many brides are looking for custom airplane shoes?). [caption id="attachment_27" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Custom Wedding Shoes Love Flies - Custom Wedding Shoes Designed for an Airline Industry Couple[/caption] To accommodate this problem, Ellie Wren has introduced the "Try Before You Buy" program.  For a small fee (the majority of which can be credited toward the price of the bride's custom wedding shoes), brides can order a pair of shoes for the purpose of trying them on before the custom work is completed.  Here's how it works... Shoes may be purchased in your size and shipped directly to you. They will arrive unadorned and in white. The cost of this service is $45.00 (per pair) fee and you will be responsible for the cost of shipping the shoes to Ellie Wren for completion of the custom order.   If you complete the purchase of your shoes, 75% of the $45.00 per pair cost will be credited to your purchase. You will not be credited for the shipping costs to Ellie Wren. If you do not purchase the custom design for your shoes the $45.00 will be non-refundable. If you decide you'd like a different size, we can send you another size, but the credit will be 50% of the $45 (which can only be applied toward the cost of the completed shoes). Please note that the try on option will add approximately 2 weeks to the production time of your shoes. The Try Before You Buy program is offered to U.S. based customers. We can, upon request, arrange to have “try on” shoes sent to brides located outside of the U.S. Pricing will depend upon the destination (due to costs of shipping). Since it's inception, about 25% of our clients opt for this program (a small portion of them are international brides) and we've found that it works beautifully.  In the end, you're really paying for the shipping to get the shoes to you, as you do get a credit toward the purchase of the custom wedding shoes when you commission the final design. About Ellie Wren Custom Wedding Shoes… Ellie Wren’s unique wedding shoe styles have been walking down the aisles since 2011 as part of her other company, Design Your Pedestal.  Ellie Wren Custom Wedding Shoes works one on one with each of its brides to create their dream wedding shoes.  Brides are welcome to send pictures of their dress, their flowers, their bridesmaids dress and share stories about their dream wedding day, how they met their fiance or just what makes the betrothed couple special to inspire Ellie Wren’s team of artists in the design of the bride’s wedding shoes.  To learn more about designing your own wedding shoes, visit the Ellie Wren Custom Wedding Shoes website.