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The Perfect Fit

Make sure that the shoes fit! Buying shoes online can be daunting, especially when they’re a custom design and for a special occasion. To help, Ellie Wren offers its “Perfect Fit” shoe fitting service.

The Perfect Fit service is a partially refundable fee of $35. This includes the shoes to try on and delivery of the shoes.  Brides are responsible for the cost of shipping the Perfect Fit shoes back to Ellie Wren.  Upon purchase of the Perfect Fit, the base shoes that will be used for the design will then be mailed to the bride and they should arrive within 5-7 business days (or 14-21 business days for international brides). They will arrive in white with the original adornments. The Perfect Fit shoes must be returned in new condition to Ellie Wren at the address below within twenty (20) business days (unless an extended period of time for fittings, etc. has been approved by Ellie Wren) or additional charges may apply. The Perfect Fit option will add approximately 7-10 days (14-21 days if international) to the total production time for custom shoes.

When the shoes are returned, a credit of $20 ($35, less a $15 shipping charge) will be applied toward the custom design if the bride elects to move forward with a custom wedding shoe or may be refunded if the bride elects not to move forward with the design.  If the bride wants to try on a second pair of shoes, a second Perfect Fit (and third and fourth) can be purchased for $15 to cover the shipping and handling expenses.  The $20 credit from the original pair will still apply when both (or more) pairs of shoes are returned to Ellie Wren in new condition. 

Please also note that Ellie Wren has partnerships with a number of manufacturers, including Paradox London, Benjamin Walk and Christy NG, for the base shoes used in our designs.  We also have a small number of designs that are our own line.  If you have questions about the base shoes used in your design, please make sure to ask us before you place your Perfect Fit order.

To return your Perfect Fit shoes, please use the address below:   

Ellie Wren/Benjamin Walk

Attn: Carey Valladares 

45 Centre Rd. Somersworth, NH 03878