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Not Your Grandma's Lace Wedding Shoes. Doing Lace with Style

Something about lace and weddings goes hand in hand, but there's good lace wedding ideas and bad lace wedding ideas.  We think we nailed it with this blush wedding shoe, featuring a heavier venetian lace overlay that we custom dyed in dark ivory for a little contrast. Interested in designing some custom wedding shoes?  Send us your ideas!

What's in a Name: The Story Behind Ellie Wren Custom Wedding Shoes

Kate Friedman (better known in the bridal industry as Ellie Wren) is the principal designer and owner of Ellie Wren Custom Wedding Shoes.  She has been designing women's shoes since 2007.  Ellie's wedding shoe designs are uncommon in that her specialty is working one on one with her clients to understand what makes them, and their significant others, unique.  A firm believer that custom wedding shoes are a opportunity to capture the essence of the couple, Ellie then incorporates what she learns into the bride's wedding shoes. Ellie shoes have been walking down aisles the world over and, in addition to her collection of lovely lace-covered wedges and Swarovski-studded peep toes, Ellie has done some pretty amazing custom work, including the "Cloud Shoes" that she designed for Good Morning America's anchor meteorologist, Ginger Zee's 2014 wedding to Ben Aaron.  Other unique wedding shoe designs include her trademark baseball wedding shoes, originally designed for Yankee Stadium nuptials that have since been recreated for the coupling of Colorado Rockies', St. Louis Cardinals', Detroit Tigers', Boston Red Sox' and Chicago Cubs' fans.  She even has a pair of "rock climbing" and "pilot meets flight attendant" wedding shoes under her belt. [gallery columns="4" ids="81,80,79,78"] While a shoe lover and style devotee by birth, Ellie (then better known as Kate Friedman) didn't have the guts to pursue her passion until after four years of a traditional college education, followed by three years of law school and eight years of law practice (good for business development, bad for creativity), but she maintains that everything happens for a reason and she is now (finally!) happily and exactly where she is supposed to be in her career. Ellie lives in the beautiful state of Colorado, where she enjoys the outdoors and the 300 days of sunshine with her husband and two children. About Ellie Wren Custom Wedding Shoes… Ellie Wren’s unique wedding shoe styles have been walking down the aisles since 2011 as part of her other company, Design Your Pedestal.  Ellie Wren Custom Wedding Shoes works one on one with each of its brides to create their dream wedding shoes.  Brides are welcome to send pictures of their dress, their flowers, their bridesmaids dress and share stories about their dream wedding day, how they met their fiance or just what makes the betrothed couple special to inspire Ellie Wren’s team of artists in the design of the bride’s wedding shoes.  To learn more about designing your own wedding shoes, visit the Ellie Wren Custom Wedding Shoes website.