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What Makes Your Groom Special? Celebrate It With Your Wedding Shoes

One of the things that's most fun about designing custom wedding shoes is that most everything we do is totally bride inspired.  When you're designing for one person, you can really explore different ideas since you're actively NOT looking to mass market your product.  This bride wanted to celebrate her new husband's passion for rock climbing and so took some creative liberties with the idea and came up with the attached.  Which she loved.  And so did we.  But, most importantly, so did he.

Say "I Do" in Hue! Purple Wedding Shoes for Your Walk Down the Aisle

Introducing some color to your wedding shoes can be a lot of fun!  For these wedding shoes, we aimed to match the bride's wedding colors (she sent us a copy of her wedding invitation for reference) by doing the base color of the shoes in a royal purple.  We then incorporated her accent color, gray, into the shoes with a gray lace heel cup.  Then, we really dressed them up with a purple Swarovski crystal covered heel and a scattering of crystals in the lace of the shoes.  Perfect! Got a wedding shoe idea that you want us to help with?  Send us an inquiry today.

Pretty in Pink (Wedding Shoes)! Love Never Looked This Good

We had some fun with this pair of custom wedding shoes!  We started with a pair of platform peeptoes and dyed them paradise pink.  Then, we covered the heels with silver and pink crystals and added a handmade pink flower to the ankle of the wedding shoes.  We blended in a few shades of pink and some ivory for some contrast and dimension and just LOVE the way they turned out! Got a wedding shoe idea that you want to explore? Let us hear it!

Add a Little Sass to Your Wedding Shoes with Leopard Heels

If you're looking for a fun way to introduce a little personality to your wedding day, consider adding a fun element to your wedding shoes.  For this bride, we took a plain ivory wedding shoe and gave it some of her personal style by hand painting a leopard heel! Interested in designing your own?  Let us get to know you and your wedding shoe style!

Crystal Covered Wedding Shoes: Cinderella Never Had It So Good

Your wedding day is one of those times when it makes perfect sense to wear crystal covered high heels.  And, if the crystals are Swarovski crystals, well, then even better!  Brides often ask us whether it's worth it to add Swarovski crystals to your shoes and we always tell them that it is... if you want to light up the dance floor.  Nothing will sparkle quite the same and the effect is truly magnificent!

Trending: Peacock Weddings

Peacock weddings seem to be all the rage this year (at least if you're looking for peacock wedding shoes)!  We've done many different variations on the peacock wedding shoe, but this one is consistently a favorite!  We took a high heel platform peeptoe wedding shoes and completely covered it with transitioning peacock sequins.  The results are stunning!

Say "Just Married" with a Little Flair!

Forget the soap writing on your rear windshield -- for a fun new way to say "Just Married" look no farther than the soles of your wedding shoes! Here we took a sparkly pair of silver crystal peeptoe wedding shoes and dressed up the soles in hot pink and added a silver "Just Married" shoe decal.

Say It In Ombre! Crystal Covered Custom Wedding Shoes for an Indian Wedding

Custom Wedding Shoes: Ombre Crystal Covered Heel Hindu Wedding India WeddingSay it in ombre!  We originally made this pair of gold peeptoe custom wedding shoes for an Indian wedding.  The patterning on the shoes matches the patterning on the bride's dress and we added the ombre heel and a gold glittered sole!

Shades of Ivory: Picking the Right Hue For Your Custom Wedding Shoes

You say po-ta-to, I say po-tat-o. Very frequently we have brides that are seeking to have custom wedding shoes made in ivory-a color that we've come to think of as the word with a thousand definitions (ivory, dark ivory, light ivory, cream, pearl, oyster, bridal white)-and it's always a tricky question.  What ivory is the right ivory? Generally, we think of light ivory, off white, and bridal white as very light shades of ivory.  So light, in fact, that you might think that they're white.  That is, until you hold them up against something that is white.  We refer to ivory as a very classic shade that you would expect.  Enough contrast to know that it's not a white shoe, but very light on any yellow or gray undertones.  Cream, by comparison, often carries a heavier yellow undertones; while pearl and oyster, often have slight gray undertones.  Of course, you also have dark options -- dark ivory and champagne -- are lovely if you're looking for a little contrast to your dress and don't want the hassle of trying to get an exact match.  And blush is a beautiful way to add just the slightest hint of pink to your wedding day attire. To help decipher this endless list of color tones and to assist our brides in selecting their shade, we've put together a collection of our shoes in the various colors below.  In addition, don't forget that we offer a custom color match service if you have a color you'd like us to match, or we can send you a sample of swatches that we have for you to match to your dress.  To design your own wedding shoes, please check out our Design Studio! [gallery columns="5" size="full" ids="5198,5201,5200,5199,5197"] Ellie Wren offers brides a unique selection of custom wedding shoes.  Each Ellie Wren wedding shoe is hand-decorated in the United States by Ellie’s carefully selected team of artisans.  Satins, laces and adornments (including the option of Swarovski crystals and pearls) are specifically chosen for quality, color and style and every design can be further customized to suit the bride’s style–platform peep toes can be redesigned as flats and a traditional white wedding shoe can be transformed into rich rouges and brilliant blues.  

Green With Envy: How to Make Them Jealous with Green Wedding Shoes

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something GREEN!  Yes, that's right!  Today, we're talking about taking traditional wedding attire and turning it on its head.  Custom wedding shoes are one of those great opportunities to add just a little bit of colorful personality to your wedding day without causing your traditional Catholic wedding wanting mother (well... mine, anyway) to shudder. In an effort to convince our ever adventurous clientele that green wedding shoes can save you from a clunky pair of white pumps, we combed through our gallery and pulled out some of the highlight custom wedding shoes--everything from a simple pair of d'orsay style kitten heel peep toes with a bit of sparkle, to a towering pair of platforms with emerald green Swarovksi covered heels, to a pair of hunter green peep toe wedding shoes with a specialty lace overlay to... wait for it... a pair of green pumps with crysal leaf accents designed for the union of two horticulturalists in love (and a lovely couple they were!). [caption id="attachment_170" align="aligncenter" width="440"]Custom Wedding Shoes:  Sage Green Wedding Shoes with Fall Themed Bouquet on Toe Fall in love! These sage green custom wedding shoes feature a cluster of handmade flowers on the toe in shades of fall.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_153" align="aligncenter" width="440"]Custom Wedding Shoes:  Lime Green Peep Toe Wedding Shoes Make them green with envy with these vivid lime green peep toe custom wedding shoes.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_115" align="aligncenter" width="440"]Custom Wedding Shoes:  Nautical Wedding Shoes Ahoy Mateys! Honor your love of sailing with these nautically themed custom wedding shoes.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_106" align="aligncenter" width="440"]Custom Wedding Shoes: Green Wedding Shoe Wedges with Lace Overlay and Pearl Buttons It's easy being green with these stunning peep toe custom wedding shoe wedges in green with a green lace overlay.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_105" align="aligncenter" width="440"]Custom Wedding Shoes: Green Wedding Shoes With A Simple Rhinestone Adornment K.I.S.S. Keep it simple sweets! Dress up your wedding day with these simple d'orsay style custom wedding shoes.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_104" align="aligncenter" width="440"]Custom Wedding Shoes: Emerald Green Platform Wedding Shoes with Crystal Covered Heel The Ruby Slippers ain't got nothing on these Emerald City party custom wedding shoes![/caption] [caption id="attachment_103" align="aligncenter" width="440"]Custom Wedding Shoes: Hunter Green Peep Toe Wedding Shoes with Lace Overlay Lovely in lace! Take your traditional lace wedding accent and make it pop with these custom wedding shoes with specialty lace.[/caption] Are you convinced yet that green wedding shoes mean GO!  Okay, okay... maybe green wedding shoes aren't your thing, but you can't dismiss the possibility of creating something truly special and unique for your wedding day... just like these green leaf accented custom wedding shoes for two horticulturalists in love! [gallery size="large" columns="2" ids="190,191"] About Ellie Wren Custom Wedding Shoes… Ellie Wren’s unique wedding shoe styles have been walking down the aisles since 2011 as part of her other company, Design Your Pedestal.  Ellie Wren Custom Wedding Shoes works one on one with each of its brides to create their dream wedding shoes.  Brides are welcome to send pictures of their dress, their flowers, their bridesmaids dress and share stories about their dream wedding day, how they met their fiance or just what makes the betrothed couple special to inspire Ellie Wren’s team of artists in the design of the bride’s wedding shoes.  To learn more about designing your own wedding shoes, visit the Ellie Wren Custom Wedding Shoes website.