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Unforgettable! Custom Wedding Shoes That Your Guests Will Remember!

If you've ever been to a wedding before, you know that there's always one or two elements that stand out.  Things that both the new couple and guests remember for years to come.  For Ellie Wren, it was a high energy Charleston-swing first dance long before rehearsed and choreographed first dances were en vogue. Ideas abound for unique, one of kind elements we'd like to throw our hats in the ring and suggest truly original custom wedding shoes, like this pair we did for Good Morning America's anchor meteorologist, Ginger Zee. Weather was her style, but we invite you to share yours!

Say "Just Married" with a Little Flair!

Forget the soap writing on your rear windshield -- for a fun new way to say "Just Married" look no farther than the soles of your wedding shoes! Here we took a sparkly pair of silver crystal peeptoe wedding shoes and dressed up the soles in hot pink and added a silver "Just Married" shoe decal.

Say It In Ombre! Crystal Covered Custom Wedding Shoes for an Indian Wedding

Custom Wedding Shoes: Ombre Crystal Covered Heel Hindu Wedding India WeddingSay it in ombre!  We originally made this pair of gold peeptoe custom wedding shoes for an Indian wedding.  The patterning on the shoes matches the patterning on the bride's dress and we added the ombre heel and a gold glittered sole!