Low Heel Wedding Shoes Can Be Beautiful and Comfortable – Ellie Wren
Low Heel Wedding Shoes Can Be Beautiful and Comfortable

Low Heel Wedding Shoes Are A Great Option, Especially When They're Custom Wedding Shoes 

Low Heel Wedding Shoes Crystal Applique Custom Wedding Shoes Ellie WrenEvery week brides email us with their custom wedding shoe design ideas and lament that they can’t have a high-heeled wedding shoes because they are as tall, or taller, than the groom.  For whatever reason, many brides think that a low heel wedding shoe is synonymous with a plain wedding shoe.  And to that we say, “Bah! You are one lucky bride – you get to be comfortable and beautiful!”  Flexibility is what makes designing your own wedding shoes such a great option for so many brides.  Our designers work one-on-one with each bride, helping her to pick the elements that make up her dream wedding shoes.  We have over 60 different base wedding shoes (many of them low heel wedding shoes) to choose from, endless color options and hundreds and adornment designs.  Let’s take a look and see how brides can combine low heel wedding shoes with our custom wedding shoe adornment options to create the wedding shoe of their dreams. 



What Makes A Low Heel Wedding Shoe? 

Low Heel Wedding Shoes Navy Blue Custom Wedding Shoes Ellie WrenTypically, low heel wedding shoes have a heel height that is 2 inches or less (check out how we measure heel height).  Brides often think that by having low heel wedding shoes, they’re giving up their options in terms of color and style.  And that might be true in the ready-to-wear bridal shoe market, but not with a pair of Ellie Wren custom wedding shoes.  Right now, we have over 15 base shoe styles that qualify as a low heel wedding shoe – everything from a kitten heel wedding pump, to a wedding wedge, to a wedding sandal.  Any of these styles can be done in any color and added to with our custom wedding shoe adornment options.

Low Heel Wedding Shoe In Focus:  The Abby D’Orsay Kitten Heel

Today we’re going to focus Benjamin Walk’s Abby wedding shoe and show you different ways that we’ve dressed up these best-selling low heel wedding shoes to match each bride’s personal wedding style.  We’ll show you different design across different wedding budgets as well, to demonstrate that great wedding style doesn’t have to break your wedding budget.

Let’s get started with the basics -- the Abby wedding shoe is a classic d’orsay style kitten heel peep toe.  That’s shoe-designer speak for these classically fashionable low heel wedding shoes:

 Abby Low Heel Wedding Shoes Custom Wedding Shoes Ellie Wren

The Abby shoe is a 1 ¾” heel (make sure to check out how we measure heel height) and is available in U.S. Sizes 5-11, 12 (medium width) and 6-11, 12 (wide width). It’s kind of the ultimate wedding shoe option because its available in so many different sizes.  And, if that’s not enough, its sister shoe Nadia, is exactly the same except that it comes in a 2 ½” heel.  So for brides looking for a little more height, we can do anything you see here on the Abby wedding shoe, also on the Nadia shoe!

As much as brides love the Abby low heel wedding shoe, as wedding shoe designers we love it even more! It makes for the perfect palate for so many of our different custom wedding shoe designs.  It takes a beautiful brooch on the toe like nobody’s business, but it’s also a great candidate for handmade flowers, a handmade bow, our lace heel cup or a row of buttons down the back.  And its smooth sole makes it perfect for a painted sole, a glittered sole or “Save the Date” messaging.  All-in-all, the number of different custom wedding shoe designs that we can create from this one pair of low heel wedding shoes are endless, so let’s get started!

Low Heel Wedding Shoes Custom Wedding Shoes Collage Ellie Wren  

The Abby Low Heel Wedding Shoe: Simple and Sweet

For brides that are working on a tight budget, we’ve created a few simple designs that up the ante just enough to personalize the Abby low heel wedding shoe, but to keep them under $100. These designs include a simple color change or the addition of simple elements, like a row of buttons down the back or a simple crystal adornment on the toe.  Keep in mind, any design you see can be done in any color which makes this low heel wedding shoe option endless! 

Abby Low Heel Wedding Shoes Bride On A Budget Custom Wedding Shoes Ellie Wren

The Abby Low Heel Wedding Shoes:  Taking Custom Wedding Shoes To The Next Level 

With a little more room in the budget, brides can opt for some additional custom work.  A price point between $150-$250 is where custom wedding shoes can really start to get creative.  In the images below, you can start to see where we dressed up the Abby low heel wedding shoes with even more elements of bridal style.  Take for example, those champagne wedding shoes, featuring a gold-tone lace applique on the toe heavily accented with champagne crystals and ivory pearls.  For brides that aren’t into neutral tones, never fear!  We can do this design in just about any color set. If lace wedding shoes have your heart, we’ve done some really pretty designs covering the back of the shoe in a lovely scalloped lace pattern.  And, as for our personal favorites, those antique pink wedding shoes featuring a trio of handmade flowers are, we think, the cat’s meow.  And let’s not forget the classically beautiful royal blue wedding shoes featuring our classic rhinestone cluster on the toe.

Abby Low Heel Wedding Shoes Moderate Price Point Custom Wedding Shoes Ellie Wren  

Keep in mind this price point includes a consultation with one of our designers. Actually, all of our price points do – we’re the bomb when it comes to customer service (just check out our Etsy reviews).  As I mentioned, our design team is dedicated to working one-on-one with each bride to help her come up with the custom wedding shoe design that suits her best.  This includes questions like:

My bridesmaids are wearing dresses in David’s Bridal Malibu Blue.  Can you match it?
I’m going for a vintage wedding day feel, what brooch would you recommend?
One foot is slightly longer than the other.  Do you have any solutions that might work for me so that I can still have gorgeous custom wedding shoes?


The Abby Low Heel Wedding Shoes:  Making Your Wedding Dress Jealous

For brides that really want to get creative and have a budget over $250 for their wedding shoes, there are more ways to transform the Abby low heel wedding shoe!  Take for example that super fun glittered sole with the personalized message on the bottom.  Perfect for pre-wedding photographs.  This, of course, was combined with some custom wedding shoe work on the upper of the shoe, including a handmade bow and a brooch on the toe. For brides that are going for a more romantic wedding shoe look, we’re also able to do a lace overlay on the Abby shoe, like the second and fourth pictures below.  Here we paired the delicate lace overlay with a row of handmade satin buttons and an ever-popular rose gold crystal trim across the toe. Then again, if you’re more of a bohemian bride, check out that pair of rouge wedding shoes with the handmade followers and polka dot feather accents.

Abby Low Heel Wedding Shoes High Price Point Custom Wedding Shoes Ellie Wren

I Never Knew I Could Have the Low Heel Wedding Shoes of My Dreams!  How Do I Get Started?

Coral Wedding Shoes Low Heel Wedding Shoes Custom Wedding Shoes Ellie WrenTo get started designing custom wedding shoes, brides should visit Ellie Wren’s Design Studio.  Here they’ll our collection of base wedding shoe styles, our color palette and all of Ellie Wren’s custom wedding shoe adornment options. With a few simple clicks, brides can select the custom wedding shoe elements that appeal to them the most and communicate those to a member of the design team.  This is just an initial step, so that the design team can get a sense of the bride’s bridal style – brides should not feel that they have to design the final shoe in this step.  The Design Studio will also prompt brides to share some information about their wedding – the date, their budget, details about the flowers, the dress and the location.  All of these wedding day details can serve as inspiration for a truly unique pair of wedding shoes.  Once this information is submitted, a member of the design team will reach out to each bride and work one-on-one with her to refine her selections. 

For brides that are still in the early stages of planning and still thinking through their options, Ellie Wren can still help!  Be sure to check out our Be Inspired page where we post dozens of custom wedding shoe designs that we’ve done in the past.  Brides can also follow us on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook where we actively share wedding ideas, wedding inspiration and information about deals and specials.  Or, to just stay in touch, brides can sign up to receive our monthly newsletter, Inspired Bride.  

About Ellie Wren Custom Wedding Shoes

Ellie Wren Custom Wedding ShoesEllie Wren, since 2011, helped to launch the custom wedding shoe industry into what it is today. Ellie Wren works one-on-one with each bride, helping her to design her dream pair of custom wedding shoes. Whether brides are looking for something traditional, like lace wedding wedges with pearl accents or something totally new and different, like the weather-inspired custom wedding shoes that we created for Ginger Zee, Ellie Wren’s design team has the vision and the skill set to bring almost any custom wedding shoe design to life. 

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