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Something Blue Open Toe Platform Wedding Shoes with Sparkly Bridal Crystal Heel

Custom Wedding Shoes: A Unique Way to Do Something Blue

Kate Friedman 
Lead designer at Ellie Wren Custom Wedding Shoes

What’s the Story Behind the Tradition of Something Blue?  

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue!  Ever wondered about this tradition and where it comes from?  We did a little digging and it turns out that this tradition is based on an old English rhyme wishing good luck for a couple on their wedding day. Each “something” offers something different.  The “something blue” specifically represents love, purity and fidelity – all factors in the foundation of a good marriage.  It’s an interesting tale and for brides wanting to read up a bit more on this topic,  The Knot has a really good post.  And guess what they have as the featured photo?  Something Blue Wedding Shoes.  

Whether You’re into Flats, Wedges or Platforms; Lace, Bling or Bows There Are So Many Ways to do Your Something Blue with Your Wedding Shoes (and We’ll Help You Design Them)

One of the best things about doing custom wedding shoes is getting to work with a variety of bridal styles.  When asked, most brides list “comfortable” as the number #1 factor in choosing a wedding shoe, so we often recommend flats, low heel wedding shoes or wedges from our base shoe collection.  That being said, many of the high heel base wedding shoe options that we offer are made with additional padding in the soles for added comfort.  Combined with a platform to take the pressure off the ball of the foot, a high-heeled wedding shoe option can be a good fit as well.  For brides getting married on a beach – no problem! We also work with plenty of sandal and open toe wedding shoe styles.  

Once the base shoe style is selected, the question becomes what shade of blue?  Something blue wedding shoes don’t have to be royal blue (although that’s a popular choice).  Lately, we’ve been working with a lot of brides that have chosen navy blue and dusty blue.  And, in the past, we’ve worked a lot with cornflower blue, baby blue and teal.  Our personal favorite?  Robin’s Egg Blue.  At least right now – that might change when we work on the next pair of blue wedding shoes and fall in love all over again.  Robin’s Egg Blue is this gorgeous very pale shade of blue that worked incredibly well with silver accents – like a silver crystal covered heel or a silver brooch on the toe.  Yep! The adornments can be customized as well, so let’s talk about that step now!  

Open Toe Platform Custom Wedding Shoes in Robins' Egg Blue with a Silver Crystal Brooch

Navy Blue Open Toe Platform Wedding Shoes with a Handmade Matching Bow and Satin Buttons

The final (and arguably the best) step is taking your something blue shoes to a new level with custom adornments.  Some brides want sparkly while others are trying to design for vintage, traditional, fairy tale or country wedding themes.  Some brides are into lace wedding shoes, while others are into bows and floral designs. We can mix and match and make the unique – truly Cinderella worthy!  And Cinderella worthy doesn’t have to mean breaking the wedding budget.  We design with brides across all budgets.  

Oh, and let’s not forget about our ‘maids!  Once a bridal shoe is selected and designed, it can be really fun to make the bridesmaids’ shoes to match.  One of our favorite ideas is for the bride to select the shade of blue and then allow here bridesmaids to select the style – it’s the perfect way to let some bridesmaids be sparkly in a pair of towering open toe platforms while others focus on comfort in a low heel wedding shoe.  Through our relationship with we can not only help you with the design, but work our connections for a whole wedding party discount!  

Need Some Bridal Inspiration? Look at How the Brides Before You Did Something Blue with Their Wedding Shoes

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine the wedding shoe possibilities when looking at just the elements.  Some brides have a knack for putting together a show-stopping design (and btw, that’s a totally subjective description) and others need some bridal inspiration.  To get them started, we put together this little gallery of something blue wedding shoes, but for brides wanting to dig a little deeper, they can always check out our  Be Inspired wedding shoe gallery.  Not everything in here is blue, but remember, we can always customize! Anything in the gallery comes in blue if a bride wants it to!  

It’s Not Only About the Wedding Shoes!  Here Are Some of Our Favorite Something Blue Wedding Accessories

This is just start of a beautiful collection!  We’ve also put together a Pinterest Board of all of our favorite something blue wedding ideas from Etsy (each image is a link taking you to the listing). In there, we’re looking at something blue jewelry, flowers, wedding table décor and perhaps our favorite, the ombre blue wedding dress. Stunning!  Looking for more –  see it here!  

From left to right (top row/bottom row):  Something Blue Hair Comby by BridalBunny; Something Blue Garter Set by MadeForHerCouture; Something Blue Wifey T-Shirt by FizzKiss; Something Blue Journal by BlessTheBrideCo; Aquamarine and Rose Gold Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings by ChicMaddies; Something Blue Petticoat by GownsByGaetana; Something Blue Swarovski Crystal Bracelet by RebekaJewelry; Something Blue Crystal & Pearl Hair Comb by TorontoBridalJewels.

About Ellie Wren Custom Wedding Shoes

Ellie Wren, since 2011, helped to launch the custom wedding shoe industry into what it is today. Ellie Wren works one-on-one with each bride, helping her to design her dream pair of custom wedding shoes. Whether brides are looking for something traditional, like lace wedding wedges with pearl accents or something totally new and different, like the weather-inspired custom wedding shoes that we created for Ginger Zee, Ellie Wren’s design team has the vision and the skill set to bring almost any custom wedding shoe design to life.  

Ginger Zee Weather Wedding Shoes Ellie Wren Custom Wedding Shoes

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