Calling All Blushing Brides! How to Incorporate Blush into Your Weddin – Ellie Wren
If you missed us on Instagram & Facebook this week, you can still get a look at all of the wedding day treasures that we found on Etsy to coordinate your blush wedding theme (as well as, of course, some of our favorite custom wedding shoes that we think keep pace with these other gorgeous items)! From head to toe, here you go! Blush Wedding Ideas: Blush Pink Crystal Earrings by Iloniti To start, we've been swooning over these blush pink crystal earrings by Iloniti on Etsy for awhile now.  As described on Iloniti's site, these beauties are made with Swarovski crystals and measure 16mm in diameter.  And, best of all Iloniti rocks a 5-star review on Etsy -- a really impressive feat and something that we look for when we promote our weekly #etsyfinds on Facebook and Instagram. Priced at: $43.00 on Etsy Blush Wedding: Blush Platform Peeptoe Custom Wedding Shoes with Handamde Lace Appliques and Crystal Covered Heels by Ellie Wren Custom Wedding ShoesAnd, as luck would have it, Ellie Wren also has a blush custom wedding shoe that boasts the use of genuine Swarovski crystals.  When bride's ask about the difference between using Swarovski and regular crystals, I always say that when you move, Swarovski are going to look like they are lighting up.  They sparkle like nobody's business.  This shoe is a 4" platform peeptoe wedding shoe, done in blush satin and featuring a crystal covered heel and a pink champagne glittered sole.  Yes, that's what we said, a sole that glitters with pink champagne.  How's that for a wedding toast!? Priced at: $422.00 on Etsy. Blush Wedding Ideas: Blush Chiffon Clutch by Davie and Chiyo on EtsyOf course, when you're going for romance on your wedding day, nothing says it quite like blush chiffon.  We found this wedding day clutch on Etsy by Davie and Chiyo and... sigh...  LOVE!  Seriously, how can you plan a blush wedding and not picture yourself laughing and mingling at your reception with this beautiful accessory in one hand and a glass of champagne and the other? Priced at: $90.00 on Etsy. Blush Wedding Ideas: Blush D'Orsay Style Peeptoe Custom Wedding Shoes with Chiffon FlowerBy coincidence (Not really, but we're trying to tell you ALL ABOUT Ellie Wren's gorgeous custom wedding shoes while helping you plan your blush wedding), Ellie Wren also has a blush chiffon shoe that just oozes romance.  For this design, we started with a 2 1/2" silk d'orsay style peeptoe and then handmade a delicate chiffon flower and added to the toe, placing it slightly off center for a more whimsical look.  Of course, with our custom wedding shoes options, you could pretty much change whatever you wanted about this wedding shoe. Priced at: $235.00 on Etsy Blush Wedding Ideas: Blush Bow Ties for the Groomsmen by Tangled Ties and Bow Ties on EtsyNot to be forgotten - the groom and his groomsmen.  Yes, even they can be decked out in blush.  We're loving these blush bow tie options by Tangled Ties Bow Ties on Etsy, another Etsy shop making wedding planner more fun and rocking the 5-star review. Priced at: $10.00 on Etsy   Blush Wedding: Blush HairpiecePretty in (blush) pink!  We found this blush pink flower wedding comb by Kathleen Barry Jewelry on Etsy.  We're loving the combination of beads and wire with the delicateness of the chiffon flowers -- a truly stunning piece.  Handmade in South Africa, this Etsy seller uses such high quality materials as Swarovksi and ships worldwide. Priced at: $78.00 on Etsy Blush Wedding Ideas: Blush Lace Table Runner by Mylk and Honey on EtsyFor your table settings, we love this blush table runner by Mylk & Honey on Etsy.  It's the romance of the lace against the rustic feel of the burlap that really gets our wedding planning minds churning.  Picture this for your outdoor barn wedding, complete with lots of candlelight and laughter.  Perfection. Priced at: $20.00 on Etsy Ombre_Sequin_Shoe_2_Colors Keep in mind, you can find more than chiffon and lace in blush.  Watch out wedding dress, we're bringing our A-game!  We made these show stopping champagne, blush and rose gold sequin wedding shoes that glitter and sparkle with every step of your perfectly pedicured toes. Priced at: $706.00 on Etsy. Blush Wedding: Blush Keepsake Bouquet And, finally, one of the best touches to any trip down the aisle, the wedding bouquet.  Brought into the spotlight by Miranda Lanbert on her wedding day, we love the concept of a keepsake bouquet -- one that doesn't wilt when the sun sets.  We found this blush and rose gold bouquet by Elegant Wedding Decor on Etsy and it was love at first sight! Priced at:  $485.00 on Etsy.   Want more... Of course, the possibilities for a blush themed wedding are endless!  For some more fun, check out these blush wedding Pinterest Boards! Rose Blush Gold Theme Wedding 4 Dreamy and Romantic Wedding Reception Themes Blush Pink Garden Wedding Palette Tickled Pink Wedding Shoes  (caution, shameless plug ahead) About Ellie Wren: Ellie Wren is a custom wedding shoe boutique based in the U.S. (but ships worldwide) that specializes in creating dream custom wedding shoes for its bridal clients.  Ellie Wren's designers work one on one with each bride, learning about her wedding style, colors, themes and designs the perfect pair of custom wedding shoes for her wedding day.            

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