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Outside the (Wedding Shoe) Box:  Custom Wedding Shoe Design of the Week
Each week, through our "Outside of the (Wedding Shoe) Box" post, we like to pick a pair of wedding shoes that we designed with one of our brides that really expresses what we love to do -- create a truly custom pair of wedding shoes.  If you're familiar with our custom wedding shoe design services, then you know that the sky is pretty much the limit!  Or, if you're a newbie wedding shoe designer (and we bet you never thought of yourself that way), then we welcome you to learn what this custom wedding shoe business is all about!  
Every day, brides come to us with unique wedding shoe ideas and ask whether we can incorporate a special symbol, a color palette or a pattern into their wedding shoes or wedding accessories that will mark not only the occasion, but those specific characteristics that make them and their intended unique.  And, it's these shoes that really get our hearts pumping.  We LOVE exploring ideas and options, sourcing materials and watching the whole thing come together.  And so, when Barbara came to us and asked us to create a pair of shoes that celebrated her and her fiance's love of biking, we were all for it.

Bike Themed Wedding Shoes Bicycle Custom Wedding Shoes Biker Wedding

For her wedding shoes, Barbara started out by picking our Mya base shoe, a simple 3 1/2" platform peep toe that comes to us in a basic white dyeable satin.  She also selected her base shoe color (Chardonnay) and accent color (Aubergine) through our color palette, as well as exploring other embellishment ideas by viewing examples of what we've done before.  In the end, Barbara thought she might like to add an ombre crystal covered heel (in her colors of Aubergine and Chardonnay), a two-toned bow and a special message to the soles of her shoes.



Elements for Custom Wedding Shoes Crystal Ombre Heel Two Toned Bow Save the Date
After viewing designs we'd done before, Barbara was able to select her elements which we then modified to be in her colors and to fit the base shoe style she selected, the Mya base shoe. 


With these elements in mind, and knowing that the key element would be getting her bicycle theme incorporated into her wedding shoes, Barbara first ordered a sketch of the design, so that she could see all of her elements together and make sure that the way she saw her wedding shoe design matched what her design team was envisioning. 
 Bike Themed Wedding Shoes Custom Wedding Shoes Biker Wedding Shoes
Barbara's sketch let us understand that the purple she wanted was a touch more pink, so we made that adjustment and got to work on her custom wedding shoes. 


After Barbara approved her sketch, we got to work on her shoes, first dyeing them the appropriate color and then setting our resident team of artists to work on adding the ombre heel and patterning out the bikes on the back.  Of course, as we worked on the shoes themselves, we took photos and shared them with Barbara, so she could see how the design was coming together.  The results, we think, were outstanding! 


 Bicycle Wedding Shoes Biker Wedding Custom Wedding Shoes Photos Ever Angle

Are you inspired by Barbara?  We'd love to help you design your dream pair of wedding shoes.  To learn more about the design process, please visit our Design page





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