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How To Make Sure That Your Custom Wedding Shoes Are Comfortable and Fit Properly 

Kate Friedman
Lead designer at Ellie Wren Custom Wedding Shoes

Every bride dreams of her wedding day – the dress, the flowers, the bridesmaids’ dresses and, of course, near and dear to our hearts – the wedding shoes.  Buying wedding shoes online can be daunting, but shopping for your bridal shoes online gives you so much more in the way of fun and unique wedding shoe options.  Planning a vintage wedding – google vintage wedding shoes and… BAM! dozens of options at your fingertips!  

For a lot of brides though, the off-the-shelf bridal shoe still doesn’t capture their vision, or the bridal heel is too tall or in the wrong color.  That’s where Ellie Wren really shines – our custom wedding shoes options allow you to pick shoe style – everything from a wedding wedge, to a low heel open toe wedding shoe, to bridal flats – the color palette and, then, on top of that, you can mix and match our adornment options to truly create the wedding shoe of your dreams.  

Wait A Minute...Brides Can Design Their Own Custom Wedding Shoes?

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Oh, yes.  And sashes, and handbags and other wedding accessories. But custom wedding shoes are our true niche and they also generate the most concern in terms of comfort and fit, so that’s our focus for today’s post:  how brides can design the shoe of their dreams and also make sure that they’re comfortable and will fit properly.  

At Ellie Wren, we work one-on-one with each bride to help her design her custom wedding shoes. Each bride is assigned a designer on the Ellie Wren team and together, bride and designer review the bride’s wedding style, budget and vision and then combine all of these elements into that bride’s custom wedding shoes.  When a custom wedding shoe design is completed, our design team is as invested in that design as the bride is and so it’s so incredibly important to each team member at Ellie Wren that when the bride’s wedding shoes are shipped, they meet every expectation that the bride has.  

Custom Wedding Shoes Sound Great, But How Does a Bride Know That They’ll Be Comfortable Wedding Shoes?

That’s the question on nearly every bride’s mind when inquiring about having her own custom wedding shoes designed.  Wedding shoes have inherent challenges– from style-to-style and from bride-to-bride fit and comfort can vary and this issue is compounded when the shoes are custom wedding shoes. There is nothing worse, for the bride and the designer, both who worked so hard to bring a design to life, to find out that the wedding shoes are not as comfortable as the bride would like them to be, or even worse, that they don’t fit.  To address this issue, Ellie Wren has created The Perfect Fit program – a program that allows brides to try on the very same wedding shoe that will be used in her design before the custom work is started to ensure that that shoes the bride picked will be comfortable wedding shoes.  

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Comfortable Wedding Shoes with the Perfect Fit:  How It Works...

Comfortable Custom Wedding Shoes The Perfect Fit by Ellie Wren

1.    Once the bride and her wedding shoe designer have narrowed down the base shoe style that the bride wants to use for her custom wedding shoes, the bride will have the option to participate in the Perfect Fit.

2.    The designer will send the bride an invoice for the Perfect Fit – currently a $35 partially refundable deposit.  The selected base wedding shoes will be shipped to the bride.  When returned, $20 of the $35 is credited toward the bride’s custom wedding shoe design or refunded if the bride elects not to go forward. The balance of $15 is non-refundable and is used toward shipping costs and handling fees associated with the Perfect Fit program.

3.    If the bride elects to move forward with the design, the exact shoes that the bride tried on are used for her design, ensuring that she’ll have the most comfortable wedding shoes fit possible on her wedding day.

Interested in designing your own custom wedding shoes?  Submit a custom wedding shoe design inquiry to start working with a wedding shoe designer today! 

About Ellie Wren

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Ellie Wren is a custom wedding shoe design company that specializes in helping brides design their dream wedding shoes.  Each bride works one-on-one with an Ellie Wren designer, refining her design choices to match her personal bridal style, wedding budget and vision for her wedding shoes.  

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