Book a Design Consultation

Looking for something truly unique? We can help you design your dream wedding shoes!

Custom wedding shoes require a high-touch and that's exactly what our design team provides. Through the design consultation process, brides work one-on-one with an Ellie Wren designer to bring their bridal shoe vision to life.

How the Consultation Process Works

Using our online booking system, brides can make a phone appointment with an Ellie Wren designer. Initial consultations are 30 minutes long and are used as an opportunity to understand the bride's style, wedding day plans and wedding shoe vision.

Prior to the consultation, brides will receive access to our online Style Guide. The Style Guide includes our collection of base shoe styles, color selections and dozens of design elements to use as inspiration. In addition Style Guide access, brides will have the opportunity to share some details about their wedding day-- including their wedding date, location and any special elements to help their designer generate ideas.

Earn a Credit Toward the Final Design

The design consultation fee is $35.00 and covers all design time, from the initial consultation to the final design. When a final design purchase is made, the consultation fee is credited toward the price of the shoes.

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