Autumn, a time when nature paints the world with hues of burnt oranges, rustic reds, and deep yellows, presents a picturesque backdrop for couples planning fall themed weddings. Fall weddings embody warmth, romance, and coziness, and with the right planning, can turn any wedding into an unforgettable, picture-perfect event.

Fall Wedding Theme

Location, Location, Location. Fall Themed Wedding Location Ideas

When thinking of autumn, what comes to mind? Perhaps it's the gentle rustling of leaves, the crisp air, or the sensation of standing amidst a grove of golden trees. When planning a fall-themed wedding, consider these idyllic settings:

Woodland Venues:

Surrounded by towering trees with leaves that have turned from green to shades of orange and gold, woodland venues provide a magical environment.


As grape leaves change colors and the harvest season begins, vineyards offer a beautiful landscape.

Historic Mansions:

These venues often come with sprawling gardens that echo the beauty of fall.

Planning a Fall Wedding in Woods
Planning a Fall Wedding in Vineyard
Planning a Fall Wedding in old mansion

Fall-Themed Weddings: Choosing the Right Color Palette

Incorporating autumn's vibrant and warm colors can truly enhance the wedding theme. Some captivating fall palettes include:

Rustic Reds & Burnt Oranges:

Think fiery maples and the changing of the seasons.

Golden Yellows & Deep Greens:

Mimicking the early transition from summer to autumn.

Burgundy & Blush:

A rich, yet gentle combination.

Navy & Burnt Sienna:

A contrasting and elegant duo.

Fall Wedding Color Palette Ideas
Fall Wedding Color Palette Ideas
Fall Wedding Color Palette Ideas
Fall Wedding Color Palette Ideas

Decors: Adding Autumnal Touches to Your Fall Themed Wedding

Decors set the mood. Here are a few fall-inspired ideas:


Consider arrangements using pumpkins, gourds, or even rustic lanterns surrounded by colorful leaves.

Fairy Lights:

As evenings arrive earlier, fairy lights add a twinkling, cozy charm to the venue.

Leafy Aisles:

Instead of a traditional red carpet, a pathway sprinkled with autumn leaves creates a fairy-tale entrance.

Planning a Fall Wedding Decor Ideas

Dress Ideas: Swirling in Fall Fantasies

Fall wedding dresses can combine both warmth and style. Consider:

Lace Sleeves:

They're not only chic but also add warmth for those chillier days.

Autumn-Inspired Accents:

Embellished, fall-inspired belts can bring in a luxurious touch.

Deeper Shades:

While traditional is timeless, looking at deep, rich hues embraces the season. And this suggestion is not just limited to the wedding dress. Think about the groom’s attire too!.

Fall Wedding Dress Ideas
Fall Wedding Dress Ideas
Fall Wedding Dress Ideas

Wedding Bouquets: Holding Autumn's Beauty

Flowers are one of the best ways to incorporate your wedding theme! Here are some fall bouquet ideas to help you embrace Autumn:

Seasonal Blooms:

Dahlias, marigolds, and chrysanthemums are all popular choices.

Berries & Foliage:

Incorporate red berries, twigs, and ferns for a natural look.

Pops of Rich Colors:

Sprigs of bright orange or deep red can add contrast and vibrancy.

Fall Wedding Flower Ideas
Fall Wedding Flower Ideas
Fall Wedding Flower Ideas

Wedding Day Desserts: Tantalizing the Autumn Taste Buds

Your wedding dessert table can be a focal point with:

Pumpkin Delights:

Pumpkin pies or spiced pumpkin cupcakes can be a hit.

Apple Pastries:

Think apple tarts or cinnamon-infused apple pies.

Rich Chocolates:

Chocolate with hints of caramel or hazelnut complements the season's flavors.

Planning a Fall Wedding Dessert Ideas
Planning a Fall Wedding Dessert Ideas
Planning a Fall Wedding Dessert Ideas

Fall Wedding Shoes: Walking Down an Autumn Aisle

Shoes are more than just a necessity; they're a statement. And if there’s one thing to understand about weddings, it’s that the details matter – down to the very soles of your shoes. For a fall-themed wedding, this is where you can let your creativity truly shine.

Ivory Lace & Pearls:

While white is traditional, fall often invites warmer, richer hues like ivory, champagne and blush. Dress up your wedding shoes with ivory lace and a row of ivory pearls down the back

Closed Toes & Bows:

As the weather cools, it's important to think about your comfort on your wedding day. And there's no better way to keep your toes warm than with a pair of closed-toe wedding shoes. And, never fear! Closed toe wedding pumps can be dressed up as well! Add a custom embellishment or a set of matching handmade bows to the toe.

Forest Greens:

Liked the suggestion above for a woodsy wedding? What better way to incorporate the theme than with a pair of forest green wedding shoes. And, while it's fun to just change up the color, consider changing the texture to match the season. Like we did with these lace green wedding heels.

Ballet Flats:

Thinking about that vineyard wedding idea? Walking outside with stiletto heels can be a challenge. Solve it by choosing wedding flats for your walk down the aisle and/or your wedding reception. And, just like closed-toe wedding shoes, flats are a great candidate for a custom design. Take a look at the lace overlay and pearl buttons we added to this pair.

Fall Wedding Shoe Ideas
Fall Wedding Shoe Ideas
Fall Wedding Shoe Ideas
Fall Wedding Shoe Ideas

All the Ideas to Help You In Planning a Fall Wedding

In essence, a fall-themed wedding celebrates nature's last hurrah before winter, embracing all the warmth, colors, and textures the season offers. With thoughtful planning, your autumnal wedding can be as magical as the season itself. Remember, every detail counts, from the venue to your custom-designed shoes, ensuring your day is as unique and beautiful as your love story.

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